To make significant professional contribution into developmental projects in Black and Caspian Sea Regions in an environmentally sound way.

About GeoEngineering


GeoEngineering Ltd is the only local company in the South Caucasus that has successfully gone through certification process and been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in Engineering Surveys, Design, Construction, Project Management, Research and Planning. The certificate applies within the fields of Civil Engineering, Energy and Transport Systems.

GeoEngineering Ltd was established on May 22 1997. The Company's key personnel include 64 full-time and 400 freelance engineers, scientists and management specialists with extensive international experience invited from Georgian Technical University and other lead engineering, design, management and scientific institutions.


More than 95% of GeoEngineering revenues come from international clients. This, together with the excellent tax record and credit history, assures our financial independence. GeoEngineering Ltd. started cooperation with foreign companies starting from 1997, the time of its foundation. Since then, volume, scope, scale and complexity of works performed for foreign clients have been constantly increasing. Among GeoEngineering clients are well known international organizations such as: American Embassy, BP, Chevron, Conoco, Dames & Moore, GPC, Kvaerner John Brown, McConnell Dowell, Northrop Grumman, Siemens, Statoil, Tekfen, URS/Dames & Moore, World Bank, GIOC, Magticom, Georgian Railway Department, etc. Cooperation with these Clients has assisted in forging GeoEngineering's project and company management systems and embracing ethical business culture.


During the five-year history the Company's average annual revenues have increased 9-fold and exceeded 3 million GEL. This is a remarkable achievement given the fact that the company was started from zero, was left out of the privatization process and never received any substantial contracts from state organizations (share of the revenues coming through Georgian governmental clients has never exceeded 2-4% of the company's annual sales). Nevertheless, in the recent three years GeoEngineering has paid over 1.400.000 GEL worth of tax to the state budget.

GeoEngineering has made a significant professional contribution into projects that are critical for Georgia and the South Caucasus, including:



  • Western Route Export Pipeline, Baku-Supsa
  • Baku-Tbilisi-Erzerum Export Gas Pipeline
  • Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Main Export Oil Pipeline
  • Khashuri to Batumi Oil Pipeline Rehabilitation
  • Tbilisi (Georgia) to Kars (Turkey) Railway Project
  • LPG Terminals in Poti and Batumi
  • Oil Terminals in Poti and Batumi
  • Existing Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation and Development
  • Communication and Electrical Lines and Masts;
  • Tkibuli Thermal Power Plant
  • Municipal Infrastructure Projects
  • Georgian Unified Transport System
  • Gardabani Thermal Power Plant Mazut Storage and Supply System
  • Trade and Transport Facilitation in Caucasus, etc.


Quality assurance and HSE systems, culture of innovation, recruitment policy and human resource development programs, new cooperation models with educational and scientific institutions allow us to ensure superior performance and quality levels. GeoEngineering is especially proud of its personnel including employees with Master's and PhD degrees, graduates of lead international universities, and members of international scientific, engineering and other professional associations.


GeoEngineering is open to cooperate with local and foreign companies and institutions with the objective of finding joint solutions for developmental projects in Georgia and Caucasus.
Project Management