To make significant professional contribution into developmental projects in Black and Caspian Sea Regions in an environmentally sound way.

Hydro Geological Investigations


We have accumulated extensive regional hydro-geological database and experience through participating in the practically all-major regional and international projects. Our highly qualified personnel equipped with the right methodology, skills and ISO 9001:2000 certified laboratory and field equipment ensure quality service for our clients.
Our hydro-geological surveys include:
� site reconnaissance and site mapping,
� drilling of boreholes and trial pits,
� geophysical studies and field tests,
� determination of hydro-geological and hydro-chemical parameters through testing:
� Water consistence,
� Hydro-dynamics;
� Filtration;
� Water flow;
 We use special drilling equipment for the hydro-geological surveys. The diameter and depth of boreholes are decided depending on the field tests needs, e.g. air/water flushing, etc.
Accuracy in evaluating hydro-geological environment for civil engineering above and under-ground facilities construction ensure facility reliability and durability against geo-hazards. Hydro-geologic studies are key elements of various type-engineering projects, such as:
� Mineral water;
� Drinking and technical water supply;
� Melioration,
� Irrigation;
� Environmental studies;
� Civil engineering and infrastructure;
� Oil and gas;
The hydro-geological data, maps, graphs and cross-section profiles obtained from the hydro-geological survey are used to work out and implement designs for reducing water level in construction pits, design the drainage systems and implement other important measures to guarantee facility's reliability and durability.
Project Management