To make significant professional contribution into developmental projects in Black and Caspian Sea Regions in an environmentally sound way.

Engineering Geological and Geotechnical Investigations

We started from engineering survey projects. That was not just a coincidence: we believe that excellence of the engineering survey is the only reliable foundation for quality design and construction. Our customers know that quality survey data saves time and money during design and construction and ensures confidence during the operation.
Caucasus is a mountainous region with various geo-hazards. Geotechnical investigations and risk mitigation planning guarantee against potential risks that could endanger construction and operation, thus reducing expensive disruptions in future.
We offer the best quality and range geotechnical services in the South Caucasus region. Our services are un-parallel in terms of:
  • Range of the services and methods in drilling, in-situ and laboratory testing;
  • Quality of the testing, achieved by high-qualified personnel equipped with up to date skills, methodology and instrumentation;
The geotechnical studies at GeoEngineering include geotechnical survey, mapping, and soil testing in the following areas:
  • Geology;
  • Geomorphology;
  • Hydrology;
  • Ongoing geological processes survey and analysis,
  • Soil and water composition survey and
  • Consequent forecast for likely geological changes and hazards

This is the list of our geotechnical services:
Reconnaissance, survey and mapping
� Geological
� Geotechnical
� Hydrogeology
� Geomorphology
� Core drilling
� Cable-percussive drilling
� Auger drilling
Text excavations
� Test pits
� Trenches
� Adits
Geophysical surveys
� Potential survey
� Seismic investigations
In-situ Testing
� Pumping down into boreholes (injection)
� Pumping out from boreholes
� Plate loading tests
� Standard penetration tests (SPT)
� Bulk density determination
� Sieving
� Shear tests
� California Bearing Ration (CBR)
� Pocket penetrometer tests
Installation of piezometers in boreholes and test pits
Laboratory testing
Determination of soil composition
� Grain Size Distribution
� Chemical composition
Water-Related Properties of soils
� Water resistance
� Soaking
� Softening
� Shrinkage
� Swelling
� Adhesiveness
� Moisture capacity
� Total
� Capillary
� Molecular
� Capillarity
� Permeability
Mechanical Properties
� Unconfined compression strength
� Compression tests
� Triaxial Compression tests
� Shear strength
Water chemical composition
� Standard chemical analysis
� Short chemical analysis
� Comprehensive chemical analysis
� Corrosives
We apply following international standards for Geotechnical survey
� British Standards
� US Standards
� GOST Standards


Project Management