To make significant professional contribution into developmental projects in Black and Caspian Sea Regions in an environmentally sound way.

Foundations and Piles

Our strength in foundations and piles design is based on geotechnical investigation expertise combined with our ability to perform structural design by means of the state of the art structural design software.
We create structural models of the facility and its natural environment by using LIRA 9.0 and Monomakh, structural design software that use finite element methodology. This is a unique approach for post soviet engineering and design technology. At the same time facility-environment design approach provides maximal structural reliability in seismically active and geo-hazardous areas. This approach also saves time and money during the construction phase as long as it provides important optimization opportunities in terms of material use.
Our detailed structural design service for foundations and piles includes:
  • Detailed design drawings
  • Structural steel spatial design
  • Elements size and placement optimization
  • Earth, steel, concrete and structural concrete volumes calculations
  • Material selection and specification development
We achieve structural design seismic-reliability through structural modeling and using extra reinforcement measures such as reinforced concrete rings, structural steel meshes, etc.
Through structural design model we analyze all potential cases of deformation and stress and optimize facility armament. Model can calculate use of material with different physical and mechanical characteristics such as metal, cement, structural concrete, etc as well as various consistency and type soil and geometrical and physical anisotropy. At the end binary model of facility-environment is created, which ensures structural reliability and optimization. Structural model could be easily converted in other engineering and design software formats such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc., which eases subsequent design process.
Project Management