To make significant professional contribution into developmental projects in Black and Caspian Sea Regions in an environmentally sound way.

Conseptual & Feasibility Stadies

GeoEngineering provides concept and feasibility studies for transport and hydro-power energy projects.


GeoEngineering has co-financed and implemented several high importance transport and energy infrastructure concept and feasibility studies in Georgia. The aim was to facilitate and speed-up high impact projects in Georgia to enlarge engineering market and to create additional sustainable development possibilities for the company, market and the economy.


These are the selected number of such projects:

  • Georgia's Unified transport System Development Concept - the concept aimed to study balanced and optimized development of roads, railways, ports and pipelines.
  • Georgia's Small and Medium Size Hydro-power Development Concept
  • Georgia-Turkey Railway Feasibility Study
  • Tbilisi Bypass Railway Concept
  • Khashuri-Zestaphoni Railway Upgrade Feasibility Study - major railway corridor bottleneck upgrade project


The total development value of all these projects is USD 10 -20 billion.


Now, almost all these projects are at FEED (Front End Engineering and Design ) and Construction phases of their development. The 5-10 years earlier works of GeoEngineering are used in most of these developments.

Project Management